State of the Mouse, 4 August 1981

Source: Memo from Bill Lapson, 4 August 1981.
Location: Jim Sachs personal papers. Reproduced courtesy of Jim Sachs.

Apple Mouse Droppings

Date: August 4, 1981
To: Distribution
From: Bill Lapson
Subject: What's Going on and Who to Contact on the Mouse Project While Bill Lapson is on Vacation

What's Going On?

Case and Keybutton

The mold for the case has been re-worked. This is what needs to be done at this point:

1. Assemble a complete Mouse and see if the parts go together properly (Paul Swearingen*, Jim Sachs, and Jim Yurchenko).

2. Check case parts for conformation to print (Chris Christophier* and Stan Lassley).

3. Submit case parts, including logo, to Bill Dresselhaus for aesthetics approval (Chris Christophier* and Bill Dresselhaus).

4. Send molds for case and button to Rawal for texturing (Chris Christophier* and Bill Dresselhaus).


The ribcage mold is just about finished. At this point, a detail has to be machined into the mold to stiffen the fingers positioning the LEDs. The mold is then ready to go. I recommend ordering no more than 500 parts since this is a very new item. (Chris Christophier*, Paul Swearingen, Jim Yurchenko, and Jim Sachs).

Cables For P3 Mice

Up to 100 P3 Mice have to be retrofitted with connectors conforming to the current Lisa pin-out requirements. (Paul Swearingen*, Denise Bruno, and Paul Baker).

Electronics Testing

Several Mice have to be assembled to determine the best scheme for controlling LED current and signal timing. An order must then be placed for the required PC board (Paul Swearingen* and Jim Sachs).

Manufacturing Procedures

There are several items in this category:

1. Assemble LED and detector test rig and use it for incoming inspection of these items.

2. Develop procedures for assembling Mice and checking them out at various stages of assembly.

3.Build checkout equipment, adapt presently available software. (Paul Swearingen*)

Parts Ordering

Check that orders have been placed for all parts. At the moment we have enough cases for engineering purposes (about 50) but lack just about every other part. Parts will not be ordered b manufacturing until they are released by document control (Bill Bull*, Jim Stewart, and Bob Maas).

*Indicates person with principal responsibility


The above asterisks show who is responsible for or working on each activity.

The focal point for all issues in my absence is Bill Bull.


Paul Swearingen
Jim Sachs
Jim Yurchenko
Chris Christophier
Stan Lassley
Bill Dresselhaus
Denise Bruno
Paul Baker
Jim Stewart
Bob Maas
Bill Bull
John Scott
John Manousos
Ray Yokoyama
Bob Montgomery

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