Lisa Mouse Package Design

Source: Memo from Bill Dresselhaus to Lisa mouse designers, 30 May 1980.
Location: Dean Hovey personal papers (reproduced courtesy of Dean Hovey).

Date: May 30, 1980
Subject: Lisa Mouse Packaging and Appearance Design
To: Distribution
From: Bill Dresselhaus

As I understand it, the charter for the Lisa product design team is essentially the responsibility for the appearance and mechanical package design for the Lisa product. Since the Lisa mouse is integrally part of the Lisa product, I am assuming that the responsibility of its package design is ours. With this in mind, I propose the following as a solution to implementing the mouse package design:

Douglas Dayton, a consultant employee with Hovey-Kelly Design (product design consultants to Apple), is presently a member of the Lisa product design team and is the design leader for the Lisa keyboard. The keyboard is presently in documentation and final detailing phases. I propose, as Douglas manages these last phases of the keyboard design, that he also becomes design leader for the mouse package and appearance design. Douglas already has experience in joystick design and mouse packaging and will have documentation and product design assistance available to him from Hovey-Kelly Design for both the keyboard and the mouse. I feel this is a very advantageous and appropriate situation to implement the mouse package.

As a member of the Lisa packaging team and as the design leader for the mouse package, Douglas would be responsible for:

  1. Close interface with the Lisa packaging team members concerning all mouse product design aspects, reporting to me;
  2. Appropriate interface with the mouse mechanical (mechanism), hardware and software engineering designers for proper parameter definition;
  3. Development of appearance and mechanical package concepts via sketches, drawings and models;
  4. Detail design and documentation of the package;
  5. Appropriate reviews, scheduling and interaction to facilitate the design.

The task allocation for the Lisa packaging team would thus be:

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