Founding SFAC

Source: Scot Kamins, "Introduction," in Ken Silverman, ed., The Best of Cider Press 1978-1979 (San Francisco Apple Core, 1979).
Location: M1007, Apple Computer Inc. Papers, Series 12, Box 18, Folder 4.

My background is in the humanities and decidedly not in the hard sciences. But I did seem to have a talent for organizing born out of my work in the various freedom and peace movements of the '60s. "Let's see," I foolishly thought. "If I write to a few magazines and contact a store or two, maybe I can get a few guys together once a month to rap."

Sure, kid.

The Apple Core's membership is now hovering around 800. We have over 400 working programs in the library. There are around six active committees and about a dozen highly active volunteers running things.

Personally, I think things have gotten somewhat out of hand.

Be that as it may, the Apple Core has its roots in the concept of mutual aid. The idea was for people who didn't know much to get together and share what knowledge they had, and I supposed, that the little pieces of knowing would mate and reproduce.

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