Mouse Parts

Source: Memorandum from Bill Lapson, 10 April 1981.
Location: Jim Yurchenco Papers, untitled folder, private possession.


To: Tim Soho
From: Bill Lapson
Subject: Summary of discussion regarding Mouse parts
Date: April 10, 1981

  1. Discussion involved Tim Soho, Larry Kelly, Chris Christophier, Bill Lapson, Dean Hovey, Bill Dresselhaus, and Steve Balog. Topics were materials, colors, and textures for the case and keybutton, logo, and centering of the keybutton.
  2. The keybutton shall be molded of ABS, the same material used by the Keyboard Co. for Lisa keycaps. Texturing of mold shall be done by same vendor used by the Keyboard Co. (Raywald, Chicago).
  3. The top cover is to be mide of Noryl N-190 with MT`055 texturing as noted on drawing SK 2175-00.
  4. The base is to be made of polycarbonate with color matching the keybutton as closely as possible. Texturing shall be MT1055 as noted on drawing SK 2177-00.
  5. Apple keybutton will provide color reference chips and keycaps.
  6. The artwork for the logo will be revised by Bill Dresselhaus. A new logo insert is to be made which will be tried by shooting a few parts with the P3 mice mold.
  7. Dean Hovey will check that the above points regarding materials are indicated on the drawing. Dean will also mark case and keybutton drawings showing the critical dimensions determining keybutton centering. Christophier will have P3 Mouse parts measured to establish the correct dimensions to be shown on the drawings to assure keybutton centering.

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