Mouse Connector

Source: Memorandum from Dave Evans, 6 March 1981.
Location: Jim Yurchenco Papers, untitled folder, private possession.


To: Ken Campbell, Bill Lapson
cc. B. Dresselhaus, D. Dayton, J. Giesea, R. Insane
From: Dave Evans
Re: Mouse Connector
Date: 6 March 1981

This memo serves only to document the agreement reached 2 weeks ago regarding the mouse connector.

We all accepted that the mouse connector had to be secured at the Lisa mainframe and should be a compact simple device. The connector selected was a standard DB-9 (AMP, and others) using screw securing posts.

Ken is working on a way to design in a custom thumbwell affair that would make the hook-up tool-less. However, if this doesn't work out or requires too much effort, then we will accept the standard off-the-shelf product.

I leave the final selection of the part supplier, model number up to you two. Responsibility for getting the details specified (hopefully within a week or so) lies with Bill as before, but Ken must still approve for the Lisa system

I hope this can put the connector issue to bed once and for all. Be sure and let me know if any questions or problem remain.

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