Mouse Cable and Connector

Source: Memorandum from Dave Evans to Bill Lapson, n.d. (after 20 January 1981).
Location: Jim Yurchenco Papers, file "Mouse Cord," private possession.


To: Bill Lapson
Cc: P. Baker, B. Bull, K. Campbell, D. Dayton (H-K), B. Dresselhaus, J. Giesea, T. Hawkins, W. Rosing
From: Dave Evans
Re: Mouse Cable and Connector - Specification Responsibility.

This memo documents our recent discussions on mouse cable issues. (ref. Mouse Cable memo by DJE of 1/20/81)


Full responsibility for the requirements definition, supplier identification, and detailed parts specification for the mouse cable and connectors (as well as all other components) rests with you as the Engineering Project Manager. In completing this responsibility, the specific needs for these parts should be obtained from the appropriate parties in the POS Division, as the primary mouse customers.


The final answer is not known yet, and must be defined from test data some day soon. Paul Baker in the Lisa Hardware group is your contact for getting Lisa information regarding any PCB trace re-routing etc., and Dave Hantula is still the main contact for RFI testing. The total RFI from a fully configured Lisa system is the responsibility of the POS Division; however, since the cable will be part of a Peripherals product, it is your responsibility to insure that you have all the data needed to correctly specify the cable and connector parts (e.g. shielding).

Please work with Paul in obtaining test information to confirm or disprove the present hypothesis that shielding is unnecessary.


The cable strain relief at the mouse end is fairly well defined and the mold is apparently underway at Tri-Tec. The connector to be used at the Lisa end of the cable is still undefined. The connector being used for the P3 mouse is unacceptable since it does not have a restraining clamp. A connector must be located which will clamp to the Lisa chassis. Preferably, this connector will be as clean looking and compact as the present unit, inexpensive to purchase and assemble, and provide excellent right or left handed strain relief.

The Product Design group in POS has responsibility for assuring the system integration and aesthetic acceptability for all connectors used with Lisa. Please work with Ken Campbell in gaining their approval for the connector unit you specify. Ken has already looked at some alternatives by Cannon, AMP, etc. You should get together with Ken at the earliest possible time to discuss connector requirements and look at, the physical space limitations on the back of Lisa, etc. Please advise me of the result of your discussions with Ken.

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