Hovey/Kelley Work on Mouse

Source: Memo from Tom Whitney to Jerry Manock and Tom Hong, 14 May 1980.
Location: Dean Hovey papers (reproduced courtesy of Dean Hovey).

Date: May 14, 1980
To: Jerry Manock, Tom Hong
From: Tom Whitney
CC: Dean Hovey (Hovey/Kelley), Steve Jobs

I have discussed with Dean Hovey his continued relationship with Apple. We agreed his firm will continue to work on a prototype "mouse", spending no more than $X in the process. His efforts will be coordinated with Bill Lapson, Project leader for Mouse activities. His firm is interested in the possibility of being the (or one of the) manufacturers of the mouse. This we can discuss at some future time.

Hovey's work on the mouse will be independent of our other outside consultant....

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