Circulation of "Computers by the Millions"

Source: Memo from Jef Raskin, 18 March 1980.
Location: Chris Espinosa Papers, Stanford University Library.

From: Jef Raskin
To: Mike Markkula, Steve Jobs, Tom Whitney, Mike Scott, Carl Carlson, Alan Oppenheimer, Don Bryson, Pat Marriott, Sue Cabaniss, Andre Sousan, David Sheppard, Steve Wozniak, Ken Zerbe, Jerry Manock, Ken Rothmuller, Rod Holt, Jim Hoyt, Don Reed, Wil Houde, Burrell Smith, John Couch, Bruce Daniels, Phyllis Cole, Steve Clark, Susan Jacoby, Brian Howard, anybody else who wishes to make a comment
Re: The enclosed draft of an essay on "Computers by the Millions."
Date: 18 March 80

In order to better study the questions that impact the combined hardware/software/tutorial Macintosh research project I found myself asking what kind of changes from present practice will be forced on us if the computer is to be produced in quantities that will impact society much more heavily than do the present computers.

I therefore ask the reader, if he or she has the time, to indicate to me places where the enclosed treatment is in error (especially as to quantities, as well as concepts) or where it totally misses important considerations.

I have been asked to write a guest editorial for a computer magazine, and that thought determined the style of the essay. If any of you feel that some or all of this material should not be published on grounds that it would divulge "inside information", please let me know. Neither the topic nor the contents have gone outside the company at present.

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