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EH&S Safety Videos -- and Other Support Materials That Don't Require STARS Registration

EH&S Safety Videos

These vary in length from 20 seconds to 20 minutes. You do not need to register in STARS to view these videos--you just need a SUNet ID.
Some are online for viewing on your computer. Others you can borrow from the EH&S video tape and DVD library at 480 Oak Road.

Click a link below to see the lists of videos available.

Featured Videos:

By the US Chemical Safety Board: Experimenting with Danger

Hazards Associated with conducting research at chemical laboratories in academic institutions. Includes investigation details into a 2010 Texas Tech laboratory accident. (LINKED FROM YOUTUBE).

For more information on the 2010 Texas Tech laboratory accident:

Link to U. S. Chemical Safety board page concerning the accident.


View Online Videos:

           Identifying Hazardous Waste at Stanford University

           Managing Hazardous Waste at Stanford University

           Other Lab Safety Videos

           Other Safety Videos

           Humorous Videos Supporting Workplace Health

Download Catalog for EH&S Offline Video Tape/DVD Library
(Video tapes and DVD Library  located at EH&S on 480 Oak Road)
Other EH&S Support Materials that don't Require STARS Registration

           "Leave Your Lab Coat In The Lab" Safety Poster

           PowerPoint "Compressed Gas Safety for Laboratories"

           Safety Inspection Checklist



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