EE364b: Project Reports

Professor Stephen Boyd, Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2010–11

Arbitrage-Free Option Pricing by Convex Optimization by Alex Bain. (report) (poster)

An ADMM Solution to the Sparse Coding Problem by Sonia Bhaskar and Will Zou. (report) (poster)

Symbolic Subdifferentiation in Python by Maurizio Calo and Jaehyun Park. (report) (poster)

Model Selection in Gaussian Graphical Models from High-Dimensional Missing Data by Yuxin Chen. (report) (appendix) (poster)

Finding Drug Targets with Flux Balance Analysis by Zhenghao Chen, Irene Kaplow, and Pang Wei Koh. (report) (poster)

Exploring Capacity Bounds on the Relay Channel Using Convex Optimization by Dave Harwath and Bobbie Chern. (report) (poster)

Rigid Body Inertia Estimation in Torque Free Motion by Nick Colonnese. (report) (poster)

Distributed Large Scale Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging by Jingyu Cui and Bowen Meng. (report) (poster)

Graph Laplacian Eigenvalue Optimization via Node Placement by AJ Friend. (report) (poster)

ell_1-Regularized Ensemble Learning by Logan Grosenick. (report) (poster)

Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks via the Convex-Concave Procedure by Jeff Mehlman and Steven Hong. (report) (poster)

Using a Projected Subgradient Method to Solve a Constrained Optimization Problem for Separating an Arbitrary Set of Points into Uniform Segments by Michael Johnson. (report)

Optimization of LDPC Codes Using Convex Relaxation by Kiran Joshi. (report) (poster)

Microfluidic Chip Floor-Planning by Vladimir Kibardin. (report)

Model Predictive Control for Trajectory Following with Actuator Degredation by Thomas Lipp. (report) (poster)

Performance Estimation of the Alternating Directions Method of Multipliers in a Distributed Environment by Johan Mathe. (report) (poster)

Sparse, Stable Gene Regulatory Network Recovery via Convex Optimization by Arwen Meister. (report) (poster)

Bid Optimization Using Non-Concave Forecasting Models by AJ Minich. (report) (poster)

Parallelized Map-Matching using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers by Jeremy Pack. (report) (poster)

Fast Automatic Background Extraction via Robust PCA by Ivan Papusha. (report) (poster)

Estimating Muscle Force Distribution Using Convex Programming by Apoorva Rajagopal. (report) (poster)

Implementation of Hyperspectral Image Unmixing via Alternating Projected Subgradients by Brandon Richardson. (report) (poster)

Subsurface Detection with Convex Optimization by David Strauss. (report) (poster)

Convex Optimization with Mixed Sparsity-Inducing Norm by Haizi Yu and Hao Su. (report) (appendix) (poster)

Recover Signals under Systemic Effects via Convex Optimization by Yunting Sun. (report)

Near-Optimal Control of Office Park HVAC Systems via Convex Optimization by Ryan Thompson. (report)

Partitioning Problems for Distributed Optimization by Madeleine Udell. (report) (poster)