EE364b: 2014 Projects

Professor Stephen Boyd, Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2013–14

Please cite the final reports below as: title, author(s), Project Report, EE364B, Stanford University, 2014.

Exploring a Stochastic Quasi-Newton Method (Ahmed Bou-Rabee) (report | poster | code)

Accelerating CT Iterative Reconstruction Using ADMM and Nesterov's Methods (Jingyuan Chen, Meng Wu, and Yuan Yao) (report | poster)

cvxfit: From Data to a Convex Model (Mainak Chowdhury, Alon Kipnis, Milind Rao) (report | poster | code)

Writing a Faster, Cleaner Elastic Net Solver (Mike Chrzanowski) (report | poster | code)

Capacity Control via Convex Optimization (Tianshu Chu) (report | poster | code)

Disciplined Convex Programming and Symbolic Subdifferentiation in Haskell (Chris Copeland and Mickey Haggblade) (report | poster | code)

Extraction of the Attenuation Coefficient from Optical Coherence Tomography (Nicholas Dwork and Uzair Sikora) (report | poster)

POGS  —  Proximal Operator Graph Solver (Chris Fougner) (report | poster | code)

Chemical Equilibrium: A Convex Optimization Problem (Linyi Gao) (report | poster)

CVX.jl: A Convex Modeling Environment in Julia (Jenny Hong, Karanveer Mohan, and David Zeng) (report | poster | code)

Joint Inference as Bi-clustering on Graphs (Marius Iordan, Arun Chaganty, and Vignesh Ramanathan) (report | poster | code)

A Library of Examples for CVXPY (Judson Wilson) (report)

Fixed-Wing Aircraft Trajectory Generation Using Embedded Model Predictive Control (Brandon Jones) (report | poster | code)

Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers Implementation Using Apache Spark (Dieterich Lawson) (report | poster | code)

Improving Solutions to the Truss Topology Design Problem with Alternating Convex Optimization (Hao Yi Ong and Conrad Stansbury) (report | poster | code)

Wind Farm Layout Optimization via Sequential Convex Programming (Jinkyoo Park) (report | poster)

Accelerated Methods for RF Pulse Design in UHF MRI (Mihir Pendse) (report | poster | code)

Preconditioning with Matrix Factorization (Mike Phulsuksombati) (report | poster)

Partially Observed Tomographic Reconstruction Alignment Using Matrix Norm Minimization (Kahye Song) (report | poster)

Preconditioning via Diagonal Scaling (Reza Takapoui and Hamid Javadi) (report | poster)

SCP Solver for a Nonconvex Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Formulation (Grant Yang and Thanchanok Teeraratkul) (report | poster | code)

Robust Orbit Determination via Convex Optimization (Bob Wilson) (report | poster)