EE364b: 2011 Projects

Professor Stephen Boyd, Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2010–11

Arbitrage-Free Option Pricing by Convex Optimization (Alex Bain) (report | poster)

An ADMM Solution to the Sparse Coding Problem (Sonia Bhaskar and Will Zou) (report | poster)

Symbolic Subdifferentiation in Python (Maurizio Calo and Jaehyun Park) (report | poster)

Model Selection in Gaussian Graphical Models from High-Dimensional Missing Data (Yuxin Chen) (report | appendix | poster)

Finding Drug Targets with Flux Balance Analysis (Zhenghao Chen, Irene Kaplow, and Pang Wei Koh) (report | poster)

Exploring Capacity Bounds on the Relay Channel Using Convex Optimization (Dave Harwath and Bobbie Chern) (report | poster)

Rigid Body Inertia Estimation in Torque Free Motion (Nick Colonnese) (report | poster)

Distributed Large Scale Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging (Jingyu Cui and Bowen Meng) (report | poster)

Graph Laplacian Eigenvalue Optimization via Node Placement (AJ Friend) (report | poster)

ell_1-Regularized Ensemble Learning (Logan Grosenick) (report | poster)

Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks via the Convex-Concave Procedure (Jeff Mehlman and Steven Hong) (report | poster)

Using a Projected Subgradient Method to Solve a Constrained Optimization Problem for Separating an Arbitrary Set of Points into Uniform Segments (Michael Johnson) (report)

Optimization of LDPC Codes Using Convex Relaxation (Kiran Joshi) (report | poster)

Microfluidic Chip Floor-Planning (Vladimir Kibardin) (report)

Model Predictive Control for Trajectory Following with Actuator Degredation (Thomas Lipp) (report | poster)

Performance Estimation of the Alternating Directions Method of Multipliers in a Distributed Environment (Johan Mathe) (report | poster)

Sparse, Stable Gene Regulatory Network Recovery via Convex Optimization (Arwen Meister) (report | poster)

Bid Optimization Using Non-Concave Forecasting Models (AJ Minich) (report | poster)

Parallelized Map-Matching using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (Jeremy Pack) (report | poster)

Fast Automatic Background Extraction via Robust PCA (Ivan Papusha) (report | poster)

Estimating Muscle Force Distribution Using Convex Programming (Apoorva Rajagopal) (report | poster)

Implementation of Hyperspectral Image Unmixing via Alternating Projected Subgradients (Brandon Richardson) (report | poster)

Subsurface Detection with Convex Optimization (David Strauss) (report | poster)

Convex Optimization with Mixed Sparsity-Inducing Norm (Haizi Yu and Hao Su) (report | appendix | poster)

Recover Signals under Systemic Effects via Convex Optimization (Yunting Sun) (report)

Near-Optimal Control of Office Park HVAC Systems via Convex Optimization (Ryan Thompson) (report)

Partitioning Problems for Distributed Optimization (Madeleine Udell) (report | poster)