EE364a: Reading Assignments

Unless otherwise noted, all reading assignments are from the textbook.

  1. By end of 1st week (1/10/14): Chapter 1.

  2. By end of 2nd week (1/17/14): Chapter 2 and a first pass over Chapter 3. After that, you can skim the CVX Users’ Guide, ignoring the material on duality.

  3. By end of 3rd week (1/24/14): Chapter 4 (skim 4.7), sections 5.1–5.2 (omit 5.2.5), CVX Users’ Guide, and CVX lecture slides.

  4. By end of 4th week (1/31/14): Chapter 5 (omit 5.5.4, skim 5.4, 5.9, 5.9.4), and 6.1–6.3.

  5. By end of 5th week (2/7/14): Section 5.8, Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.

  6. By end of 6th week (2/14/14): Chapter 8 and additional lecture slides on convex optimization examples.

  7. By end of 7th week (2/21/14): Chapter 9 (omit 9.6) and 10.1–10.2.

  8. By end of 8th week (2/28/14): Chapters 10–11.

That finishes up the formal reading assignments. We recommend that you read (or re-read) sections of the book that you may have missed, or still confuse you. We also recommend that you re-read the CVX Users’ Guide, skipping only the very driest sections.