EE364a: Convex Optimization I

Stanford University, Summer Quarter 2018
Instructor: Reese Pathak

This quarter, we will have a midterm quiz, covering the basics of convex analysis developed in the first couple weeks of the course. The quiz covers chapters 1–3 of the course text, slide decks 1–3, the material on the first two homework assignments, and the DCP rules.

The quiz will take place during the first hour of lecture on July 12. If for some reason you have a scheduling conflict, you must notify us by July 6; we'll have you take the test before July 12.

To prepare for the quiz, we suggest you review slide decks 1–3, chapter 1–3 of the text, the solutions to the first two homeworks, some of the quizzes posted on the lectures page, and the DCP rules quiz.

You might also want to reference the slides from the review session held on Monday, July 9.

Midterm exam