EE102B, Signal Processing and Linear Systems II, Spring 2018

Welcome to the Spring 2018 edition of Signal Processing and Linear Systems II!


  • Instead of Georgia’s normal office hours tomorrow, she will be hosting a problem-focused review session tomorrow (07Jun2018) from 4-5 in Packard 204. After the review session, she will stay around to answer questions, both conceptual and problem-specific.

  • Practice final and additional practice questions posted here.

  • Midterm solutions can be found here. The grades have been posted on gradescope. Regrade requests, describing grading error that occurred, must be submitted in writing to Prof. Goldsmith.

  • We are making a slight change to the exam policies, allowing students to use laptops without internet access, only to view PDF files of the course reader, OWN textbook, or other notes made by you. Using matlab, or any other programming language, is not permitted, laptops are only to view PDF files. We are doing this to be fair to students who did not buy the course reader or prefer to write up notes on a laptop. Use of a laptop for any other reason on the exam would be a violation of the honor code.

  • As Prof. Goldsmith said in class on Monday, she will have OHs before class today, May 2nd. She will be outside the classroom from 1-1:30. John will take over Malavika's OHs today and they will shift slightly, so will be held 3:30-4:30.

  • Homework 4 posted. Please note that homework 4 is longer than a typical homework. There is also an extension on the deadline but no late submissions will be accepted. This change is due to the Midterm on May 11th and no new homework will be released on May 4th.

  • Homework 3 posted here

  • Lecture 8 has been modified to correct the error. Please use the version available on the website.

  • Homework 2 posted here

  • Discussion Sessions on Tuesdays 4:30PM - 5:30Pm in MITCH B67

  • Professor Goldsmith’s OH after lectures on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and by appointment (can be made by email or before/after class)

  • Malavika’s OH on Wednesdays 4PM-5PM

  • John’s OH on Wednesdays 6PM-7PM

  • Georgia’s OH on Thursdays 4PM -5PM

  • TA OH to be held on the 3rd floor lunch area of Packard Building

  • Matlab Tutorial Lecture (optional) on Monday 04/09. Handout posted here

  • First class on 04/02/2018

  • EE102B Piazza is up and running! Please signup to participate in discussions.

  • Homework 1 posted here

Calendar (updated frequently, please refresh for latest timings)