BIOS234 Syllabus

BIOS234 Reading List

BIOS234 Assignment

BIOS234 PrecisionFDA In-Class Tutorial

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1 - Course Intro
Lecture 2 - Machines and Data
Lecture 3 - Annotation and Quality Controls
Lecture 5 - Algorithms: Alignment and Variant Detection
Lecture 7 - PrecisionFDA and Companies

Fun Links

Genetics, Genomics, and Precision Medicine

NIH & Precision Medicine

NHGRI Genetics Glossary App

The $1000 Genome

230,000 Genomes to be sequenced this year!

Personalized Genomic Medicine & Industry

Illumina Secures $40M for Accelerator Startups

Heading for $100 Genome

Google Genomics


Foundation Medicine


10x Genomics


Data Analysis Resources

Burrows Wheeler Transform Explained

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops

Github (ie: BWA)

Biostars Forum

Seq Answers Forum

Picard tools SAM flags explained