Instructor: Marty Stepp
TA: Kate Rydberg - see Staff/SLs page for our contact info.


  • [] Course grades are now posted. Check your Stanford email for more details about grades. Have a great holiday break!
  • [] Final exam scores are now posted in Gradescope. We have also posted the exam itself, its answer key, regrade instructions, a Qt Creator project, and CodeStepByStep problems for our final exam. (Note that no final exam regrades will be completed until after the grades are submitted to the university.)

    We have not yet computed overall course grades (still waiting on some HW7 grading), nor do we yet know whether there will be a final exam curve. We should know more this weekend. Stay tuned!

  • [] CS 193A Android app class: Marty will be teaching a course next quarter called CS 193A about Android app development. 193A is generally expected to be less work and easier than CS 106B. The course is targeted for students who have completed 106B. Ownership of Android device not required. The course is entirely based on projects and sections; there are no exams. If you are interested, fill out this form to receive a permission code to add the class!
  • [] Extra late day: Effective immediately, every CS 106B student gets +1 extra late day, raising your total for the quarter to 5. Hopefully this will help you manage the assignment schedule for the rest of the quarter. Enjoy!
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